Scheduling and Task Management for Real Estate

Make best practice, common practice

When everyone is on the same page, you can drive for success together.

With Cirkus you can create a master template for your properties with all the tasks the team needs to get done.

Tasks can be pre-assigned in the template, or you can assign them as you go.

Prioritize, delegate, store files, and keep the team updated with comments and statuses.

Keep track of your todos

It can be difficult to manage your priorities every day.

In Cirkus, you can assign a due date to any taskOnce the date arrives the task will move to your “Today” list, and notify you by email, push notification to your iPhone or Mac, or your app Inbox.

When the task is completed, mark it as done and it will clear from your list, or reschedule it to later.

Manage maintenance tasks

For regular property maintenance, recurring tasks keep things running smoothly, and lets everyone know what’s on the agenda.

Manage your rentals

Cirkus Schedule allows you to book your property rentals, and attach reference files and comments to the booking.

You can collaborate right there in the booking to make sure your clients get the best experience every time.

Access from anywhere

Take Cirkus on the road with our iPhone and Android Cirkus apps, and enjoy native Mac App features on your Mac. 

Or signup on for a portable web experience.

All your properties available and synced to all devices.

By Michelle Griffin

October 9, 2020


Real work gets done with Cirkus

Use Cirkus to reduce stress and keep your projects on track, files in order, and communications together in one place with your team. Progress starts now, and it’s free to signup and try.