Personnel Bookings

Personnel Bookings

Personnel Bookings allow you to schedule resource Vacation, or other non project related events in your team and see these bookings across all projects.

You can also use our Booking Template and Request Workflow to gather requests of this type and pass them through an approval process. 

Let’s see how it works.

Setting up Personnel Bookings

Personnel Bookings are set up on the Booking Template, by setting the Booking Type. 

Bookings behave differently based on the Type of the Template they are using.

a) If a Booking has a template with Type=Booking,  or the Booking has no template applied, it is a “normal Booking”

These bookings show in the Workspace Schedule and can be linked to Projects or Tasks to also show in that Project Schedule. 

Bookings can have both Members and Resources involved, and you can submit Time Reports for Bookings. 

b) If a Booking has a template with Type=Personnel, these Bookings cannot be linked to any specific project or task. 

These bookings show in the Workspace Schedule and in ALL Project Schedules.

You cannot Time Report on Personnel Bookings and only Members can be Involved, not Resources.

Working with Personnel Bookings

You can use the Request and Approval workflow to capture requests for Vacation, Personal Time Off, or other Personnel requests.

You can also pass this through the Approval process, where an individual or role will need to Approve a Booking before it shows in the Schedule to others.

Check out our Booking Requests article for more details on how this is set up.

What's next for Personnel Bookings

If you are a farmerswife user, and have Cirkus integrated you can look forward to creating your booking requests through Cirkus and having them sent over to farmerswife as Personnel Bookings.

Look out for this in upcoming farmerswife release later in 2022.

By Michelle Griffin

August 4, 2022


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