New: Schedule your Tasks, and Magic Mentions

Schedule your Tasks

In our latest release we have made scheduling more flexible, by adding tasks to your timeline view.

If you know when a task needs to be done, and you want to “book” the assignees, set a start and end date for the task, and it will show in the timeline of those assigned.

Tasks vs Bookings, which should I use?

It depends on what you are trying to schedule. 

A task with a start and end date will book everyone on the task for that time window.

Bookings can have both people or non-people resources involved, and one or more events per resource. Each event can have different start and end times.

For example, on a task to prepare a proposal with a colleague, you can add a start and end date to book you both for an afternoon when you will both work on the task.

However, for recording sessions for a project, you might want to book an engineer and a studio for different slots over a week. In this case you should use a booking.

Of course, you can mix and match for the variety of work that you need to do.

Faster collaboration with @all mentions

There is now a new shortcut to chat with all of your colleagues.

Cirkus now supports mentioning all task assignees, everyone in a project, all workspace members, or everyone involved in a booking with the @all mention shortcuts.

Type the @all shortcut, and select from the available options where you are collaborating.

By Michelle Griffin

September 14, 2020


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