New: Apple Sign In, Template Power Up, and New Schedule Views

Apple Sign In

Now you can use your Apple ID to seamlessly and securely access Cirkus.
If you already signed up for Cirkus from your apple device, chose “Continue with Apple” to link your accounts.
Note: You must chose to “Share my email” if you want to link your Apple ID to your existing Cirkus account.

Available on our latest mac and iOS apps, and on 

Do more with Project Templates

Project Templates are a great way to get up and running with Projects which have the same structure.

What if you start working on a Project and realise later it could use a Template? It’s not too late!

Go to your Project and select from the available Templates in your Workspace to apply a Template to your Project.

When you apply a Template, the Tasks, Custom Fields, Members, Roles, SubProjects, and Files from the Template will be added to your project. 

There is even more template news… you can also apply Project Templates to Subprojects. This is a great way to organise a project with lots of different phases, each with it’s own tasks and structure.

Note: If the Project Templates contains Members or Groups, (which are not used in Subprojects) they will be merged with those of the parent Project.
If the applied Template contains Subprojects, those Subprojects won’t be created, but the Tasks underneath will.

Scheduling: Project Overview

Did you know that you can see an overview of all the Projects that your team is working on in Cirkus?

In your Project List, switch to Schedule mode in the bottom and see a timeline view of all your Projects

This view is based on the start and end date of each Project.

Available on Cirkus Mac and Web clients.

Scheduling: Project Phases

Inside your Project, you can use Subprojects to manage the different phases or groups of tasks.

You can now see these phases in your Project Schedule by adding start and end dates to your Subprojects.
You can also link your bookings to Subprojects, and those bookings will have the colour of that Subproject.
Making it easier to see what is keeping everyone so busy.

Scheduling: Customise your Timeline

Even if it feels like your team are working 24×7, hopefully they are not booked around the clock.

On Cirkus Schedule you can decide to focus only on the hours and days that you want to see.

You can also collapse or hide weekends, if you don’t normally have bookings then.

Go to the Settings menu item in the toolbar to chose your preferred view.

Coming Soon

We are working on a really nice Advanced Search and Task, Project, Booking export feature for our upcoming release. Allowing you to query lot of information about your work in Cirkus for your team, and export the results.

Over in scheduling, we are adding support for Project Milestones, and looking at ways to visualise your Tasks on the timeline.

Stay tuned!

By Michelle Griffin

June 25, 2020


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