MPS Sonnenstudio

Cirkus changed our communication radically. Now that all project relevant info is kept on one spot, it made our work lives easier and most importantly, more fun.

Berlin, Cologne (Germany) and Vienna (Austria)
Digital sound post production, movie mixing and sound design, ADR Recording and Dubbing.

Sonnenstudio is a cinema post production facility working on national and international films. It was founded in 2012 by six long term working freelancers who had the idea of a more flexible form of collaboration still staying freelance, but working together in a shared working space. Working on films that were box office successful and won Bears, Lions, Lolas and the Oscar, we still find passion for emotional stories regardless of budget.


“How do we get an order into a company with different locations, teams, characters and time lapses?

We did need a tool, keeping track of every process in each project, holding data as low and compact as possible. We were looking for an arena of possibilities which was pretty difficult to find – all in one. After trying out different tools, apps and programs, which could only combine parts of our specific needs, we then started to plunge into Cirkus. Head over heels, one after another fell in love and found out how quick, project-oriented and easy information exchange and workflow could be. Thanks to Cirkus our internal company structure was modified and revised.“The recent addition of Cirkus to the facility has enabled better communication with internal teams outside of the overused and confusing threads often associated with the email platform.


Just before the Corona Crisis Shut Down we started to integrate Cirkus in all our structures.
It is like a giant box with different drawers, holding space for every piece and bit, organizing our overflowing emails, documents, scripts and records.
We now feel like nothing is lost in space or overseen. We can direct our concerns and requests specifically to each project. The teamwork has improved because we can easily track down information from the past, keep a survey and summary of all relevant data.
We won’t lose any time whenever we look up notes or messages, because it’s all in one place, well organized, well presented.”


“What we love most about Cirkus is the open mind and the skill of flexibility. We could – at all times – bring in our own ideas, needs and questions. We always had the support from Cirkus and felt it was not a final tool, shaped and drilled to perfection, but a “learning by doing it – together” atmosphere. Support from Cirkus is always helpful, polite and willing to find the best solution for our company.

By Michelle Griffin

June 9, 2020


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